Be the Influence.

Are you looking to feel more confident, professional, and articulate in your life and business?

Join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking morning at "The Power of Voice - Charlotte," where passionate individuals and influential voices come together to ignite change, foster connections, and drive meaningful conversations. 

This event celebrates the transformative power of voices and ideas that have the potential to shape the future of the Charlotte Community. 

Presented by Your Signature Talk

The event is taking place

Friday, November 3, 2023
9AM - 1PM

Tate Hall, Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204
Limited Seats Available!
What is the Power of Voice?
The Power of Voice is a one of a kind speaking event. Taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, attendees will have the privilege to witness ten speakers who are graduating from a 6-week coaching program that teaches empowering leadership, as well as the art of speaking, persuasion, and influence.

Who is this event for?

This event is exclusively for entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals who are called to leadership or are aspiring leaders in their industry. 
Why should people attend this event?
People should attend this event if they are looking to take massive action in their life and business. This event is specifically designed to encourage audience members to take inspired action and improve their lives immediately after hearing from the speakers on stage.

Key Focus Areas

- Personal Development
- Professional Development
- Leadership Development
- Career Advancement
- Financial Freedom
- Business Development

What will audience members get out of it?

Audience members can expect to receive knowledge-packed presentations uniquely designed to create epiphanies that foster new belief systems, encourage improved behavior, and therefore, change the trajectory of your life. 
After the presentations, there will be a Networking Power Hour from Noon-1PM, with lunch included!

What is your goal in hosting the Power of Voice?

The goal of this event is to amplify the voices in Charlotte by establishing a platform that offers massive exposure in the Charlotte community. To demonstrate what empowering leadership looks like and coach others how to use their voices to make an impact on a larger scale.

Meet the Speakers!

DeAnna Jackson
Executive Director at Jackson & Co. Holdings, LLC
Carol Goodwin
Master Health Educator
Dr. Linda Jordan
Founder of LRJ Coaching 
Jess Diamond
Certified Life and Nutrition Coach
Sandy Warren
Founder of Wellness with Attitude
Briana Blair
Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker
Jen Crowe
CEO of Author Your Brand (AYB)
Melissa Rivers
Peace Coach and Transformational Specialist
Kara Perez
Founder of Bravely Go
Maija-Liisa Adams
CEO & Founder of Maija-Liisa Speaks 
What do you expect to happen after the event?
After the event, I expect to see the first wave of leaders step up and start using their voices for good and to make an impact everywhere they go.

What is your long-term vision in hosting events like this one?

My long term vision includes coaching as many people to the stage as I possibly can. Whether they speak on my stage or other stages is entirely up to the speaker.
What does it take to land this stage?
To speak at the Power of Voice - Charlotte, you are required to participate in my 6-week signature coaching program. This leadership vehicle is designed to prepare you for this stage and many others.

How do you select the speakers for this event?

The speakers were selected based on their desire to help others, and their willingness to put in the necessary work to become a positive influence in other people’s lives.

Additional FAQs

Is free parking available?
Yes, parking is free to attend this event. There is a parking garage located off of 4th street that remains open to anyone attending events at the campus. 

Can anyone attend this event?
Yes. While this event is most ideal for entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals, anyone is welcome to attend. 

Is this an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly event?
I would like to host these events a minimum of twice per year. This is still to be determined.


Jeff Sesol says:

"First time to hear about this event and it seems so exciting!"

Cydney Irby says:

"It's me going "yeah, why do I have a feeling I will end up on stage soon..."

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